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Tax Planning

Tax implications accompany nearly every financial decision you make. And there’s much more to an effective tax partner than finding one who can prepare a timely, accurate tax return. All elements of your financial plan should work together in the most tax-efficient way possible, and from withdrawals and contributions to tax loss harvesting and minimizing capital gains, tax-smart strategies should be used in your investment portfolio, too.

That’s why collaboration between accountants and financial advisors is a core component of the MRK approach. We share knowledge, resources, and – with your permission – client information to minimize your tax liabilities. MRK Financial Solutions partners with these exceptional accounting firms to meet your tax planning, preparation, accounting, and bookkeeping needs:

Amery, WI: <br />Overby Financial Solutions

Amery, WI:
Overby Financial Solutions

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Hopkins, MN:<br />JE Kerr Tax Service

Hopkins, MN:
JE Kerr Tax Service

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St. Paul, MN: <br />Gwizdala &#38; Associates

St. Paul, MN:
Gwizdala & Associates

(651) 772-2202

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Osseo, MN: <br />Business &#38; Tax Advisors, Inc.

Osseo, MN:
Business & Tax Advisors, Inc.

(763) 493-3940

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New Holland, PA:<br />Precision Financial Services

New Holland, PA:
Precision Financial Services

(717) 354-8218

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Lancaster, PA: <br />Witmer Tax &#38; Financial Services, LLC

Lancaster, PA:
Witmer Tax & Financial Services, LLC

(717) 464-1958

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Pottsville, PA: <br />Tom Landers Tax &#38; Financial

Pottsville, PA:
Tom Landers Tax & Financial

(570) 628-2117

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