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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have asset minimums for new clients?

No. However, clients with complex or a broad range of financial needs often experience the greatest value from our services. Our knowledge and insight are helpful to growing families, young professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs, in particular. 

Do I need to reside in a market where you have a physical office?

Not necessarily. Technology enables us to communicate and securely transfer documents via online tools. Although meeting face-to-face is preferred, we’re happy to serve clients outside our markets or travel to you if the situation deems necessary. Here’s a list of our current locations

What do I need to bring to my consultation?

During the first meeting, our goal is to gather all data necessary to assess your current financial situation. Typically, this includes reviewing copies of your recent bank statements, investment statements, pay stubs, liability balances, and existing insurance policies. Also, have your driver’s license and social security cards handy if you decide to proceed with engagement paperwork. 

How often will we meet?

At the beginning of a client relationship, we’ll meet more frequently to gather data, learn about your goals, present recommendations, and set your plan in motion. After your accounts are established, most clients prefer to meet in person once or twice a year to update goals and review performance. However, the frequency of meetings may depend on your unique goals, situation, and preferences. Rest assured that we’re always available to answer questions by phone or email outside of these meetings, and we communicate regularly via our blog about topics that are relevant to your financial situation. 

How do you get paid?

MRK advisors are paid based on the products and services we provide. This could include charging an hourly fee for investment advisory services, a percentage of the assets we manage on your behalf, or commission sales, when appropriate. We believe in transparency in fees and always strive to exceed in value what you pay in cost. All fees and commissions will be discussed and agreed to in our initial consultation. 

How will you invest my money?

MRK advisors consider a variety of factors including risk tolerance, financial objectives, time horizon, investment experience, and liquidity needs to determine the most appropriate financial planning strategy for their clients. Following our introductory meeting, we’ll present recommendations for your financial plan and won’t move forward until you feel clear on and comfortable with our approach. 

Where will my money be held?

MRK is affiliated with Avantax Wealth ManagementSM a Broker Dealer, Registered Investment Advisory Firm located in Irving, Texas. We use National Financial Services LLC (NFS) to clear and custody funds.

Is MRK a fiduciary?

A fiduciary acts in good faith and trust on behalf of another person to manage assets and is bound ethically to act in the other's best interests. At MRK, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of conduct and act in our clients’ best interests according to the “prudent person standard of care.” 

What are your qualifications?

MRK financial professionals are FINRA-licensed Registered Representatives and Investment Advisor Representatives, many of whom are also Certified Financial Planners®.