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What Can a Financial Advisor Do for You?

What Can a Financial Advisor Do for You?

October 06, 2021

Everyone has financial questions, and it seems everyone has answers – friends, family, the internet, social media and more. At MRK Financial Solutions, we aim to cut through the noise and provide you with a financial partner who can guide you to make smart financial decisions throughout your lifetime. We understand you work hard for your money and paying for financial advice might not seem like a necessity. But an advisor can help make what you earn work harder for you.

If you’re growing a business, preparing for retirement, or navigating a major life event, you need not only an experienced tax professional in your corner but a financial advisor who can consult you through some of these hard financial challenges that can seem overwhelming. Our financial planning process is completely customized to your unique circumstances and typically includes a discussion of these key issues that can impact your financial success through the following: 

Cash flow & debt management – We’ll identify your sources of income, fixed and fluctuating expenses, and prioritize how to pay down accumulated debt.

Retirement planning – Based on your expected expenses, sources of income, and desired lifestyle during retirement, we develop a strategy to produce the necessary financial resources for your golden years.

Investment management – Based on your personal risk tolerance, time horizon, and long-term goals, we’ll design and manage an investment portfolio to grow your assets over time.

Risk management – Responsible financial planning requires anticipating risks that could compromise your financial security. We review and secure insurance policies to protect your estate and loved ones from potential hardships should the unexpected occur.

Education planning – With the growing cost of higher education, paying for college is a component of most of our clients’ financial plans. We help establish tax-smart savings vehicles and advise on other sources of financial aid to support continued learning.

Business planning – From optimizing cash flow and planning for taxes to establishing retirement plans for employees and consulting on buy/sell strategies, our broad business expertise can help enhance your profitability.

Legacy planning – In light of your long-term financial goals, we work with your attorney to establish tax-efficient plans for the future of your estate and ensure your loved ones and assets are properly protected.

Planning for special situations – Your family might have special circumstances that require additional planning, like caring for aging parents or saving for a second home. Whatever the situation, we plan for it from the start.

If the above information has ever occurred to you or if you’ve thought about talking to an advisor about your complete financial picture, we encourage you to reach out to our team to schedule a complimentary consultation